Groupe BPCE, prior to the launch of its future strategic plan, unveils a plan to transform its retail banking activities

February 21, 2017

Faced with new expectations on the part of its customers and a paradigm shift in the technological environment, Groupe BPCE announces the launch of a retail banking transformation plan. This project represents a major step forward in the preparation of its next strategic plan for 2018-2020. It is based on three defining initiatives: a program devoted to the customer relationship model, a transformation and operational excellence plan, and an ambitious digital action plan.

Groupe BPCE boasts considerable strengths in this ongoing transformation process with 75% of its customers subscribing to online banking services at the end of 2016, 100,000 documents signed electronically every day, or applications developed for the Group's retail banking networks downloaded 9 million times.

François Pérol, Chairman of the Management Board of Groupe BPCE, said: “Prior to the preparation of its future strategic plan for 2018-2020, Groupe BPCE is boosting its momentum with the launch of a wide-ranging plan for the transformation of its retail banking activities. This plan will be based on a program designed to transform our customer relationship model to offer the promise of continuing close proximity in a digital world; on a transformation and operational excellence plan enabling us to enhance our performance in order to generate new investment capacity and to make a success of the drive currently prepared by the Group to upgrade its range of technological solutions; and on an ambitious digital action plan, which is already up and running and provided with significant resources both in France and in the international arena.”

A plan for retail banking transformation based on three defining programs :

To transform its retail banking activities, Groupe BPCE is launching three defining initiatives: a program focused on its customer relationship model with a view to reasserting a promise of continuing close proximity while simultaneously offering greater consultancy services and high quality service both within the branch and remotely; an operational excellence plan designed to pool and simplify the Group’s structure, its IT services and processes; and an ambitious digital action plan with the aim of "keeping it simple" for the Group’s customers, employees and stakeholder communities.

This transformation plan will go hand-in-hand with a cost-cutting drive targeting savings worth 1 billion euros in a full year by the end of 2020, including a new 750 million euro Group program (excluding Natixis) and a transformation and operational excellence plan for Natixis worth a total of 250 million euros. Implementing this plan will require an investment of 790 million euros, including 220 million euros for the Natixis plan.

Investments for an aggregate total of 750 million euros over the 2017-2020 period will also be devoted to speeding up and industrializing the digital developments pursued by Groupe BPCE.

The retail banking transformation plan is the subject of a comprehensive and detailed presentation that may be consulted on the section below and also via this link on