2014 Annual Results and 2014 Fourth Quarter Results

Paris, France, February 19, 2015

Revenues and profitability increase in 2014:

  •  Core businesses net revenues: +7% at €7.0bn
  •  Net income: +16% at €1.3bn

Significant progress in New Frontier strategic plan

Core businesses: dynamic activity levels in 2014

  • Development of main Wholesale Banking franchises driven by international business: €28bn of new loan production in Structured financing in 2014 and strong growth in Equity Derivatives
  • Record year for Asset management: €736bn ($883bn) of assets under management, up €106bn during the year, notably thanks to €32bn of net inflow excluding money-market
  • Strong growth in Insurance positions: 25% advance in overall revenues in 2014
  • Rollout of SFS solutions in the networks: strong momentum in Consumer Finance (outstanding +9%), Employee savings schemes (AuM +6%) and Payments (cards in circulation +19%)

Improved profit-earning capacity and profitability(1)

  • Core-business net revenues progressed by 7% to €7.0bn during the year, ahead of the strategic plan pace, and by 9% to €1.8bn vs. 4Q13
  • Gross operating income rose 10% vs. 2013 and 3% vs. 4Q13
  • Core-business cost of risk fell sharply to 38bps in 2014 vs. 53bps in 2013
  • Net income (group share), excluding GAPC, at €1.3bn in 2014 (+16% vs. 2013) and at €288m in 4Q14 (+15% vs. 4Q13)
  • Core-business ROE improved 200bps vs. 2013 to 12.2%
  • Significant increase in EPS(2) : up 26% in 2014 vs. 2013, to €0,39

Solid financial structure and dividend policy confirmed

  • Ordinary dividend(3) of €0.20 in cash per share for 2014, equivalent to a 51% payout(2)
  • Exceptional dividend(3) of €0.14 in cash per share following the capital released up by the Coface IPO 
  • Basel 3 CET1 ratio(4) of 11.4% at December 31, 2014, up 100bps vs. end-December 2013 after distribution

Strategic progress

Capital re-allocation toward core businesses almost completed:

  • IPO of 59% of Coface capital
  • GAPC closed at end-June 2014

Increased weighting for Investment Solutions among core businesses:

  • Projected acquisition of DNCA(5). 35% of capital allocated to Investment Solutions post- acquisition
  • Creation of a single Insurance platform

(1) See note on methodology (2) Excluding FV adjustment on own senior debt (3) Proposal to be submitted to Shareholders’ Shareholders’ Meeting of May 19, 2015 (4) Based on CRR-CRD4 rules as reported on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise - without phase-in except for DTAs on tax loss carry forwards (5) The transaction is notably subject to the consultation process with employee representatives, to regulatory approvals and the approval of the Competition Authority


The Board of Directors examined Natixis’s full-year 2014 and fourth-quarter 2014 accounts on February 18, 2014.

For Natixis, the main features of 2014 were(1):

  • a 7% rise in core-business revenues during the year, fuelled by good performances from Wholesale Banking business lines and notably from Equity derivatives and Financing, as well as by strong activity levels in Investment Solutions, both in Asset management and Insurance.   

Revenue growth within Specialized Financial Services was moderate, but included solid performances in the Consumer finance, Employee savings schemes and Payments segments.

  • a 1.2pp-reduction in the cost-income ratio to 69.6%,
  • a substantial 22%-decrease in cost of risk vs. 2013,
  • a 16% advance in net income excluding GAPCto €1.277bn,
  • a 200bp-improvement vs. 2013 in core-business ROE to 12.2%,
  • a 100bp-improvement in the Basel 3 CET1 ratio(2) vs. end-2013 to 11.4%, including payment of an ordinary dividend (3) of €0.20 in cash per share, and an exceptional dividend(3) of €0.14 in cash per share linked to the partial divestment of Coface,
  • The successful implementation of the first stages of the New Frontier plan, including notably a reallocation of capital to core businesses almost completed and an increase in the weighting of Investment Solutions among core businesses.


Laurent Mignon, Natixis Chief Executive Officer says: “The first year of the New Frontier strategic plan has been highly positive. The re-allocation of our capital toward our core businesses is now virtually complete. All our businesses made progress and exceeded their revenue targets in France and abroad, notably fuelled by excellent performances in Investment Solutions – Asset Management and Insurance – and by the rollout of the Originate-To-Distribute model in Wholesale Banking. The construction of our asset-light model is gaining pace. The capital being freed-up is enabling us to respect our dividend payout commitments and fund the growth initiatives underpinning our strategy, particularly the acquisitions planned of DNCA and Leonardo and Co, an expert body in M&A for Midcap, subsidiary of Banca Leonardo. DNCA would represent a major reinforcement to our position in Asset management in Europe and make a positive contribution to growth right from 2015.” 


  1. See note on methodology
  2. Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise - no phase-in except for DTAs on loss carry-forwards
  3. Proposal to be submitted to the General Shareholders’ Meeting of May 19, 2015

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The conference call to discuss the results, scheduled for Thursday February 19, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. CET, will be webcast live on www.natixis.com (on the “Investor Relations” page).