2Q17 and 1H17 Results

Paris, France, August 1, 2017

REVENUES rose 9% to over €2.4bn in 2Q17

Reported NET INCOME climbed 28% to €487m in 2Q17 and 32% in 1H17 to €768m

Further growth momentum in core businesses

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS: Sound eXpansion in insurance and good level of net inflows in Asset management

  • Insurance: overall turnover amounting to €6.4bn, up 81%/1H16, excluding the reinsurance treaty with CNP
  • Asset management: €9bn in net inflows in 2Q17 (€14bn in 1H17) and €834bn of AuM at end-June 2017

CIB: strong activity levels for all busineSs lines  

  • Global markets: net revenues (excluding the CVA/DVA desk) up 20% vs. 2Q16, with net revenues rising 13% for FICT and 33% for Equity
  • Global finance & Investment banking: net revenues up 16% vs. 2Q16, driven by M&A and Investment banking
  • Increased contribution to revenues from international platforms, up to 57% in 1H17

SFS: good commercial dynamics, reinforcement in payments

  • Fine performances in Specialized Financing (net revenues +3% vs. 2Q16)
  • Payments: new step forward in the merchant services sector with the proposed acquisition of 50.04% stake in Dalenys signed on June, 26

Marked increase in profitability in 2Q17 and 1H17(1) 

  • Core-business net revenues up 12% in 2Q17 and 13% in 1H17, to €2.3bn and €4.5bn, respectively, fueled by Investment Solutions and CIB
  • Improvement in cost of risk for core businesses to 31bps in 2Q17 and 28bps in 1H17
  • Reported net income (group share) of €487m in 2Q17 (+28%/2Q16) and €768m in 1H17 (+32%/1H16)
  • Core-business ROE: 16.1% in 2Q17 (+140bps/2Q16) and 16% in 1H17 (+260bps/1H16)
  • Natixis ROTE of 13.7% in 2Q17 (+200bps/2Q16) and 13.1% in 1H17 (+270bps/1H16), above the New Frontier target

Main objectives of the plan achieved: success of the asset light model

  • 18% drop in RWA for CIB and 6% decline for Natixis since end-2013
  • Reinforcement of franchises in Asset Light activities: Asset management, M&A and Payments
  • Share of capital allocated to Investment Solutions up to 35% at end-June 2017 vs. 29% at end-2013
  • CET1 ratio(2) of 11.3% at end-June 2017 after factoring in a projected minimum dividend payout of 50%

(1) Excluding exceptional items and the IFRIC 21 impact for ROE and ROTE

(2) Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise - no phase-in except for DTAs on loss carry-forwards

The Board of Directors approved Natixis’ accounts for second-quarter 2017 on August 1st, 2017.

For Natixis, the main features of 2Q17 were:

  • revenue growth of 12% yoy to €2.298bn for core businesses and 9% yoy to €2.410bn for Natixis.

Growth in the Investment Solutions (net revenues +11% yoy to €920m) was underpinned by the diversity and adaptation of the product range, both in Asset management and Insurance, where revenues advanced by 12% yoy to €696m and 13% yoy to €177m, respectively.

Asset management recorded €9bn of net inflow during the quarter, including €8bn on long-term products, while AuM were down by €3bn vs. end-March 2017to €834bn, due to adverse exchange-rate effects.  

In Insurance, momentum remained robust in all segments and overall turnover (excluding the reinsurance treaty with CNP) climbed 78% vs. 2Q16 to reach €3bn.

Corporate & Investment banking also enjoyed strong momentum across all business lines, while continuing to strengthen its international franchises, particularly in Asia. All in all, revenues grew 16% vs. 2Q16 and reached €1bn. The quarter was notably boosted by further strong growth in Investment banking and by significant yoy expansion in revenues from Fixed-Income and Derivative solutions in the Capital markets field.     

Specialized Financial Services grew net revenues by 2% to €347m, buoyed by solid performances in Sureties and Guarantees (net revenues +7%) and Leasing (net revenues +3%).

  • a tight grip on operating expenses, which rose only 5% yoy to €1.594bn,
  • a significant improvement in cost-income ratio, excluding IFRIC 21(1), to 66,5%, down 280bps vs. 2Q16,
  • a drop in cost of risk for core businesses to €63m vs. €71m in 2Q16, with the year-earlier period having been marked by the provisions set aside on the Oil & Gas sector,
  • 28% growth in reported net income (group share) to €487m,
  • core-business ROE(1) of 16.1% excluding the IFRIC 21 impact,  
  • a CET1 ratio(2) of 11.3% at end-June 2017,
  • a leverage ratio(1) of 4.3% at end-June 2017.


Laurent Mignon, Natixis Chief Executive Officer, said: “After faring well in the first quarter 2017, Natixis enjoyed a fine second quarter, fueled particularly by sharp increases in both revenues and profitability in core businesses. These results testify to the successful application of our asset light strategy across all of our business lines with the resolute development of our Asset management, Insurance, M&A and Payments activities whether in the financing area, where our Originate-to-Distribute model is working effectively. In order to enhance our agility and efficiency, and to continue expanding our business and leveraging our talents, we began work in the second quarter on an in-depth transformation of our organizations, processes and working methods, with the aim of seizing all the opportunities offered by innovation. These initiatives will leave us well-placed for the start of our new strategic plan in 2018”.


  1. See note on methodology
  2. Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise without phase-in except for DTAs on tax-loss carryforwards

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