Awards for Credit Research once again

Paris, France, June 16, 2014

For the third year in a row, the Euromoney annual Fixed Income Research Survey, which polled 1,900 global fund managers and investors, ranked the Natixis Credit Research teams among the best European banks in 2014 for the quality and relevance of its analyses.

Natixis stood out in the following sectors:

No.1 for ABS, Agencies, Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Covered bonds, Telecoms & media, Utilities;

No.2 for Industrials;

No.4 for Banks;

No.6 for Strategy and Non-bank financial institutions;

No.8 for High Yield.

These Euromoney prizes reward Natixis’ fundamental research and its commitment to assisting clients. They lend weight to our ever-improving positioning.

The Natixis Credit Research team furnishes comprehensive and independent analyses covering over 150 issuers in the eurozone bond market, as well as in the covered-bond and ABS markets. Analysts and strategists pinpoint the best investment opportunities and assist Natixis clients in enhancing their understanding of the credit market by delivering an all-inclusive range of publications and recommendations on ideal credit portfolio allocation for the various markets and sectors.

During 2013, the Natixis Credit Research team published 87 in-depth reports on specific and theme-based market topics and furnished 76 trade ideas to clients.