First quarter 2010 results

Paris, France, May 11, 2010

Turnaround initiated 9 months ago is confirmed

Results reflecting the strong operating performances of the businesses

NBI1 of the businesses: €1,641 million, up 24% vs Q1-20092

Income before tax1: €555 million, multiplied by 3 vs Q1-20092

Net income (Group share): €464 million


Further strength in financial structure

Core Tier One ratio: 8.5% (vs 8.1% at 12/31/2009)

Tier One ratio: 9.5% (vs 9.1% at 12/31/2009)

Risk-weighted assets remain stable


New Deal initiatives continue to be rolled out

Reorganization of the CIB with the creation of a Coverage division independent from the commercial banking operations

Proprietary Private Equity business: repositioning currently being finalized

Confirmed 2010 NBI target: over €6 billion



  1. Excluding the GAPC and net income from discontinued operations.
  1. As the super-subordinated debt securities have been reclassified as equity instruments, the interest expense relating to these instruments has not been recorded in the income statement since 01/01/2010. The 2009 results given in this media release have been restated accordingly.

Natixis’ consolidated results were approved by the Board of Directors on May 11, 2010.


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