First-Quarter 2015 Results

Paris, France, May 6, 2015


Core businesses: 15% growth in net revenues to €1.9bn and profitability increased, +170bps in ROE to 11.6%

Wholesale Banking:

  • Development of the main franchises, primarily fueled by €5.7bn of new loan production in Structured financing and a strong performance from Capital markets, both in Fixed-income and Equity derivatives businesses
  • Solid increase in the contribution of the Americas platform to net revenues


Record quarter for Asset Management: €820bn of assets under management, up €84bn since the start of the year, including €19bn of net inflows in 1Q15

Sustained growth in Insurance: revenues up 6% vs. 1Q14

Rollout of SFS solutions in the networks: further momentum in Consumer Finance (outstanding +9%), Employee Savings Schemes (AuM +13%) and Payments (electronic banking transactions +6%)

Strong earnings growth(1)

Core-business net revenues up 15% to €1.9bn vs. 1Q14 and Natixis net revenues up 18% in the same period (+10% at constant exchange rates)

Gross operating income up 40% to €679m vs. 1Q14 (+25% at constant exchange rates)

Net income (group share) up 25% to €331m vs. 1Q14, and 23% to €373m restated for the application of IFRIC 21

Core-business ROE up 170bps to 11.6% vs. 1Q14, with capital allocation based on 10% of RWA


Financial structure 

CET1 ratio(2) of 10.6% at March 31, 2015 pro forma of the estimated impact of the DNCA acquisition and after DTA phase-in for 2015

22bps increase in CET1 ratio from 1Q15 results (29bps excluding IFRIC 21)

3,6% leverage ratio(1) as of end-March 2015 (+30bps vs. end-2014) notably with a 3% decrease in the total B-sheet vs. end-2014, despite the FX effect


(1) See note on methodology

(2) Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise - no phase-in except for DTAs on tax loss carry-forwards


The Board of Directors examined Natixis’s first-quarter 2015 accounts on May 6, 2015.

For Natixis, the main features of first-quarter 2015 were (1):

  • strong revenue growth in core businesses and for Natixis as a whole, up 15% and 18%, respectively, relative to 1Q14. Wholesale Banking recorded fine performances on capital markets and in terms of new loan production in the Structured Financing segment. Asset Management enjoyed a record quarter for both inflow and assets under management, while Insurance reported solid revenue growth. In Specialized Financial Services, the continued rollout of solutions in the networks drove fine performances in several segments,
  • a 4pp-improvement in the cost-income ratio to 66.6%, excluding the IFRIC 21 impact,
  • recurring provision for credit loss generally improving in all our business, except for energy and commodities sector
  • a strong improvement in net income to €373m (+23% vs. 1Q14), excluding the IFRIC 21 impact,
  • a 170bp-advance in core-business ROE to 11.6% vs. 1Q14,
  • 3,6% leverage ratio(1) as of end-March 2015 (+30bps vs. end-2014) notably with a 3% decrease in the total asset vs. end-2014, despite the FX effect,
  • a CET1 ratio(2) of 10.6% at March 31, 2015.


Laurent Mignon, Natixis Chief Executive Officer, said: « Our three core businesses performed very solidly in first-quarter 2015, posting sharp increases in both revenues and profitability. Our key franchises continued to expand, driven particularly by record net inflow in Asset management and robust momentum in Capital markets within Wholesale Banking, and by the continued rollout of our insurance and SFS offerings to the Groupe BPCE networks. This progress was achieved without any let-up in our control on the consumption of scarce resources: with risk-weighted assets holding steady, our balance-sheet contracted markedly during the quarter. These performances confirmed Natixis’s solid financial structure and reasserted the Bank’s payout policy.»


  1. See note on methodology
  2. Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise - no phase-in except for DTAs on loss carry-forwards

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The conference call to discuss the results, scheduled for Thursday May 7th, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. CET, will be webcast live on (on the “Investor Relations” page).