Natixis, a key player on the European infrastructure debt market

Paris, France, October 8, 2012

As part of its continued commitment to the infrastructure and project finance business, Natixis has entered into an innovative partnership agreement with Ageas and is holding its first "European Infrastructure Day" conference.

Natixis is opening the infrastructure finance business up to institutional investors via an innovative partnership agreement reached in August with insurance company Ageas, one of the 20 leading European companies.

“Natixis and Ageas share a similar belief that infrastructure debt is a high-potential asset class for institutional investors” explains Benjamin Sirgue, global head of infrastructure and project finance.

This agreement involves Ageas investing in infrastructure loans set up by Natixis on the basis of selected criteria defined in agreement with Ageas, with the bank retaining a pre-agreed percentage of each facility. Through this partnership, Ageas intends to build a portfolio of €2billion over a 2–3 year period. Natixis will undertake the servicing of all the loans in the portfolio.

“This partnership is a major step forward for the European infrastructure debt market. Natixis is a pioneer in this sector and aims to open the way to non-bank participation on a large scale via its infrastructure and project platform. The bank will continue to act as a major adviser, arranger and servicer of infrastructure and project finance debt” according to Pierre Debray, global head of Structured Finance at Natixis.

In an effort to further develop the infrastructure and project finance market, Natixis is holding its first “European Infrastructure Day” conference on 23 October in Paris. This event will bring together a number of experts to present their findings and examine the infrastructure debt asset class and its outlook.

These initiatives demonstrate Natixis’ constant quest for solutions to meet its clients’ needs, and show its ability to innovate in today’s challenging commercial and regulatory environment.