Natixis Assurances takes bold action on climate change to meet 2°C goals

Paris, France, November 28, 2018

Natixis Assurances has made a voluntary and concrete contribution to the fight against climate change by aligning its investment policy with the Paris Agreement goals for a global temperature increase of under 2°C. The company will commit close to 10% of its investments each year to green assets, with the objective that 10% of total AuM be comprised of green assets by 2030 at the latest.

This new approach will apply across Natixis Assurances’ investment portfolios (excluding unit-linked products) and seeks to encourage and promote economic participants that make a positive contribution to the ecological and energy transition. The initiative rounds out the company’s previous decision to exclude from its investment scope any issuers that do not take on board the environmental, social and governance criteria outlined in its strategy.

This pledge is the latest in a series of actions taken by Natixis to promote sustainable development. These include the signature of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in 2008, the end to financing for the coal industry in 2015 and the halt to financing for oil projects in the Arctic and oil extracted from tar sands worldwide in 2017.

“The financial industry can and should help drive the pace of the ecological and energy transition by directing funding to support a more sustainable economy. Natixis intends to play a full role in addressing today’s climate change challenges” notes François Riahi, CEO of Natixis. 

“Energy transition lies at the very heart of the challenges for today’s society, and I am convinced that insurers have a major responsibility to contribute. Natixis Assurances is determined to take practical and innovative steps to play its part by purposefully readjusting our investment policy” states Jean-François Lequoy, member of the Natixis Senior Management Committee in charge of Insurance.

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