Natixis awarded “Most Innovative Investment Bank for Climate & Sustainability”

Paris, France, September 5, 2018

Natixis’ ambitions and expertise in Green and Sustainable finance set out in its New Dimension strategic plan have been awarded by The Banker and Euromoney.

Natixis has been named “Most Innovative Investment Bank for Climate & Sustainability” by The Banker, the award recognizes the pioneering role Natixis has played in the industry, developing high-quality green financial products throughout the past year – including the first green-labelled commercial real estate loan, the first green commercial mortgage-backed securitization and the first green structured note – as well as delivering a high quality research on green finance marketplace dynamics.

Euromoney’s Fixed Income Research Survey recognized Natixis’ Credit Research Team with several awards, including first place in the “ESG and Green Bonds” category, against third in 2017. This ranking reflects Natixis’ willingness to place green and sustainable at the very forefront of its operations.

“We’re thrilled to have received such coveted awards,” said Orith Azoulay, Global Head of Green & Sustainable Finance, Corporate & Investment Banking”, adding: “Since the creation of the Green & Sustainable Hub in 2017, Natixis has striven to create innovative and added-value solutions for clients that align with our commitments to a low-carbon and green economy. These awards showcase our position as a reference bank for green business and ESG expertise.”

Marc Vincent, Global Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, stated “As part of the New Dimension plan – which runs from 2018 to 2020 – Natixis’ ambition is to become a market reference in green origination and distribution, with the aim of doubling green revenues by 2020. Certainly, these awards demonstrate that we are successfully achieving our ambitions and stand as testimony of our position as a go-to bank for green and sustainable finance.”