Natixis awarded “Most Innovative Investment Bank for Equity Derivatives 2017”

Paris, France, September 8, 2017

Prestigious financial publication The Banker has dubbed Natixis as “Most Innovative Investment Bank for Equity Derivatives 2017”, leading in innovation for the second year in a row. The award affirms the expertise of the Natixis Equity Derivatives department.

This is a true reflection of the dedication of the Natixis financial engineering, sales and trading teams within Equity Derivatives, who provide original solutions that meet investors’ needs. Some custom-designed products for institutional clients include “Zephyr Max” an alternative solution to money market products, “CLEEN” (Callable Leveraged Equity Exposure Note) which offers appealing yield and substantial capital protection at maturity. Further innovation within the Natixis product range can be found in products indexed to dividend futures, tailored to providing yield in the current weak volatility and persistently low interest rate environment.

For Retail clients, Natixis offers the “Domino” financial product, which is indexed to performances of a basket of stocks and to credit risk. The bank also offers a range of debt securities indexed to the Euronext COP 50 EWER, which consists of 50 European climate responsible stocks. 

As well as innovation within their product range, The Banker award also recognizes the Natixis Equity Derivatives marketing team strengths, who this year have developed MOOC training programs that provide clients with a greater insight into products and solutions distributed in their banking and insurance networks.

“This fresh award confirms Natixis’ ability to innovate and create value-added solutions tailored to the market context and regulatory changes” states Éric Le Brusq, Global Head of Equity Derivatives at Natixis.