Natixis launches real-time tracking service for international payments

Paris, France, December 19, 2018

Natixis announces the launch of My Tracked Transfer, a new digital international transaction tracking service developed by Natixis using SWIFT gpi technology to enable large companies to monitor their international payments in real time and optimize their treasury management.

My Tracked Transfer provides enhanced payment tracking using a unique identification number generated by Natixis as issuing bank for each transaction. It enables users to track each step in the transaction process in real time and provides access to extensive information including the initial amount, the transferred amount, and the fees levied by intermediary banks.

All payment orders from Natixis clients are henceforth managed using My Tracked Transfer, regardless of the channel they use, for example portal, EBICS or SWIFTN electronic transmission. It is available via the Natixis Trade & Treasury Solutions portal, requiring no IT development from clients.

“My Tracked Transfer enables our clients to optimize their treasury management, providing payment transparency and security right from issue to receipt. This innovation is part of Natixis’ broader strategy to modernize international payments” notes Anne-Cécile Delas, Global Head of Trade & Treasury Solutions at Corporate & Investment Banking.