Natixis launches the NXS Climate Optimum Prospective index

Paris, France, December 10, 2015

Natixis is launching its first dedicated climate index offering investors who wish to make a tangible commitment to energy transition the chance to invest in a basket of European companies actively engaged in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and developing low-carbon solutions.

A composite index of low-carbon stocks

The NXS Climate Optimum Prospective index (Ticker: NXSHCOP index) responds to numerous COP 21 issues and particularly the restriction of greenhouse gas emissions and the transition toward low-carbon economic models.

In methodological terms, the index is deliberately and solely focused on the issue of climate in order to enhance readability for investors. It selects the 50 European companies rated the highest for their carbon performance (at a given point in time, thus making the selection dynamic) and for their ability to offer strategies, products and services compatible with a low-carbon economy. The index is constructed so as to deliberately diversify exposure across all economic sectors, including the most carbon-intensive where the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms is the greatest. In this way, it contributes to gradually decarbonizing the economy and to reallocating finance towards the cleanest companies.

The index is compiled according to an optimized risk framework with the aim of outperforming traditional indices while also minimizing variance in the portfolio of stocks comprising the index.   

The portfolio’s carbon footprint is currently 50% lower than that of an equity index like the STOXX Europe 600.

The underlying climate methodology is developed by Natixis’ SRI Research team in collaboration with Grizzly Responsible Investment. It is based on carbon data and a selection of qualitative scores furnished by Sustainalytics.

Natixis plays a highly active role in financing energy transition and fighting global warming and commands prime positions in renewable energy financing:

  • 1st among French arrangers of renewable energy project finance1 via Natixis Energeco, our subsidiary dedicated to financing French renewable energy projects and which benefits from the funds raised through BPCE’s Green Bond issue that was successfully placed with the market very recently.
  • 9th worldwide among Mandated Lead Arrangers on the renewable energy sector2;
  • 3 funds geared to directly financing renewable assets - Fideme, Eurofideme2 and Eurofideme3 – offered through our Mirova responsible investment subsidiary.