Natixis successfully completes the first Equity Bridge Financing, in France, to be compliant with the AIFMD’s leverage constraints

Paris, France, April 9, 2015

Natixis, the French leader on the Equity Bridge Financing market, set up an Equity Bridge Financing transaction in an amount of €350 million for funds managed by Antin Infrastructure Partners*. 

This is the first transaction that is compliant, in terms of leverage constraints, with the directive applicable since July 22, 2014 to alternative investment funds (Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive- AIFMD).

The Equity Bridge transaction provides the funds managed by Antin Infrastructure Partners with a performance management tool, while complying with their debt constraint. Indeed, this type of financing manages the capital calls from investors in an efficient and flexible manner by optimizing cash management.

Natixis confirms its know-how in terms of financing solutions for private equity funds, both in France and abroad.



* Antin Infrastructure Partners II-1 FPCI, Antin Infrastructure Partners II-2 FPCI and Antin Infrastructure Partners II LP; 3 funds managed by Antin Infrastructure Partners, elected by “Infrastructure Investors awards 2014” as “European infrastructure fund manager of the year;  European infrastructure fundraising of the year; Europe energy infrastructure investor of the year”.